Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Young Interpreters Asks for Your Help



Over the years this blog has reported several times on Young Interpreters (YI). To retrieve some of the posts, enter emtas in the Search box on the right.


YI is outstanding because it consists not just of a single institution but of a widespread movement in British schools and even beyond them. It lives up to its name by providing interpreting by the bilingual children themselves when needed; but it goes beyond that by helping to integrate newly arrived immigrants through a buddy system. Its success has been due in no small measure to the dynamism of Astrid Dinneen.


Now Hampshire EMTAS, the regional education authority in southern England that is the sponsor of YI,  is in the process of revamping their leaflet which aims to support parents in bringing up their children bilingually, and asks for your help. The team would also like to create a brand-new publication for children and young people growing up in more than one language and is interested to hear what Young Interpreters think this publication should include. Should it explain the importance of maintaining your languages? Should it show you how you can use your languages to help you with your learning? Should it tell you more about heritage language GCSEs? You tell us. Contributions in the form of photos, artwork, videos, audio recording etc. are welcome from Young Interpreters of all ages in Hampshire and the rest of the world. The most outstanding entries will receive a prize. Please contact Astrid Dinneen at astrid.dinneen@hants.gov.uk with your ideas and examples by the end of the Summer term. Pictures of children must be carefully reviewed by each participating school to ensure all have permission from their parents/guardians,


Astrid Dinneen. Your latest edition of the Young Interpreters Newsletter. Basingstoke: EMTAS,  June 2022.

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