Friday, June 10, 2016

Who I Am

Last year a distinguished translator and reader of this blog, Chris Durban, chided me for not revealing my real name. It's true I've always posted under the pseudonym of Translatology, a name for which I have a certain affection. All you could learn about me from that was the little that's in the potted profile on the right hand side of this page together with what you might deduce from my writings here and on my page. But now my cover has been blown because a kind Italian friend has put a fairly full biography of me in Wikipedia, the modern hall of fame. The editorial staff of Wikipedia aren't happy with the style of the entry, but I've checked the contents and they're accurate. So if you're curious, go to Wikipedia (English edition) and look for Brian Harris (translation researcher). But beware! Be specific or go directly to, because there are several other Brian Harrises in Wikipedia. And none of the Brian Harris photos on Google Images is me.

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