Monday, December 21, 2015

Syrian refugees land in Canada

"These are challenging times for Arabic and Kurdish language professionals who will not only be overwhelmed with work but will see an influx of non-professionals taking interpretation assignments out of the need to support the refugees.
— Multi-Languages Corporation, Toronto, December 2015

And where would they be without the non-professionals? And how would they get non-professionals without the Natural and Native Translators?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets Syrian refugees upon their arrival in Toronto. Source: Multi-Languages, a very responsible provider of professional translation services.

NPIT3, Winterthur (near Zurich), 5-7 May 2016
International forum for Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation, the latest paradigm in translation studies.


  1. Four months later… a group of Syrian arrivals attends their first hockey game in Canada, accompanied by 14 bilinguals who act as interpreters. Story here.
    I read this news story and immediately thought of you!

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