Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Professional Awakening

This blog has long contended that teaching translation should capitalise on bilinguals' natural ability by starting young, and has given plenty of examples of it. Young means much younger than the traditional university level. Now the current president of that highly professional organisation, the American Translators Association, has come out in favour of it, at least to some extent. Caitilin Walsh recently addressed academics at the Modern Language Association's annual meeting in Vancouver about the need for increased translating and interpreting offerings in education.
"She then made the case for increasing exposure in education because of significant demand in the industry... She went on to stress that schools would best serve their students with more offerings."
Her motivation is different from ours. She is concerned with the future of her industry, we with child language development. But the conclusion is the same.

Redmond Reporter, 26 January 2015,

Caitilin Walsh. Source: Twitter.


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  2. This is great. The best way to keep up with the demands and maintain the quality of the industry is to teach children early on to embrace their bilingualism; and this is a win-win situation because re-learning and honing a language can do wonders to child development. True that professionals in the industry are more concerned about translation and interpretation, but still, this is an opportunity that parents and teachers should not ignore because it will also help improve their students in several ways than just speaking two languages.

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