Sunday, July 10, 2011

Footnote to Fansubbers vs. Copyighters

A long Comment on the previous post takes me to task for not referencing the URL of Jemmainternational, the site from which I took the photo and the example of translation. So here it is:
Don’t confuse it with, which is something quite different.
Then there’s also Jenny and Emma International, which I did reference. “Confused yet?” asks Amidola, the commenter. Well yes, I’m befuddled.

Nevertheless, the correction makes me aware that I grossly understated the range of languages that the programme is translated into:
“I forget how many languages and people translate for Jenny and Emma International, but they had 22 languages, or something along those lines. We (Jemmainternational) have about 10 languages(including Indonesian, Greek and Japanese), last time I counted. Full eps [episodes] are done in four. (Since they're only up for a week, and most translate from the English, it's a time issue, mostly.) And we are completely independent from each other, which means, completely different groups of translators and translations, just imagine the amount of people behind this!… Sadly, the channel canceled the show, because of its lack [of faith?] in real-life TV.”
The Comment ends with another telling correction: “Translating Teen Speak is not as fun and easy as it maybe sounds.”

Thank you Amidola.

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