Saturday, April 2, 2011

Footnotes for UK Followers

Re my recent post about note-taking by Advanced Native and Expert Interpreters...

The Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), in London, runs one-day courses for "interpreters and those interested in interpreting."

The course this month, April, will be an Introduction to Note-taking for Public Service Interpreters. For more information, email or phone 0207-940-3169.

Is Crowd Sourcing Awakening Academia?
As Followers should be aware from earlier posts, crowd sourcing is changing the seascape of Advanced Native translation. Now the rising tide is even lapping against the walls of academic translation studies and one of its bastions, the University of Manchester. Well, almost. On Saturday 21 May, from midday to 2.30 pm, Dr Luis Pérez-Gonzáles, Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at said university, will give a talk that "will focus on amateur translation" (his term for it – fair enough.) It has the very academic-sounding title Emerging Forms of Mediation and Intervention in the Audiovisual Marketplace.

However, the talk won't be at the university itself but to the North West Society of the CIOL and at the Manchester Youth Hostel Association (YHA) building. "Contact the Society for further details."

Incidentally, have you noticed how many academic writers in English on translation studies have Spanish names these days? TS is a hot subject in Spanish universities, a bandwagon for the old Depatments of Philology.

The Linguist, London: CIOL, April/May 2011

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