Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Dubious Involvement

My post last September 12 was about dubious translation for a terrorist trial in India.

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of terrorists blowing up an Air India flight from Canada to Londonn in midair. 329 people were killed.

The report has just been published in Canada of a public inquiry into the bombing and the two decades of Canadian botched investigations and attempted trials that followed there. For various reasons, only one of the cabal of perpetrators was convicted.

The one man who was successfully tried pleaded guilty. He was a Sikh immigrant engineer in Vancouver named Inderjit Singh Reyat and he made the bomb. He had also made the bomb that killed baggage handlers at Narita airport in Japan. It came out during his trial that his son Didar and daughter Prit were on his defence team's payroll and did various jobs that were billed to the government at $25 an hour.

And what was the work that they did? Anything from carrying lawyers' bags to court to translating documents.

Timeline: Air India Flight 182, the 25-year search for answers. The Globe and Mail (Toronto), June 22, 2010.